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I'm a rescue and living my best life...Shelters and rescues have so many wonderful dogs waiting for their forever home...Please give them the life they deserve and adopt.❤🐾


I can’t wait to say “I do” to my best friend!!

A bit late to put you guys into context but I am marrying my best friend this Saturday 04•29•23.

We are getting married legally here in the U.S. and Religiously in my country (Guatemala) this December. We’ve been engaged for 9 months and we have enjoyed a lot the process of being engaged for quite sometime and let the engagement sink.
It’s has been a nice ride and now we are here!




Spend the day of love with that person that makes your day better, a moment better, that makes you smile, the one you can’t wait to share the good and the bad news. If you close your eyes, can you think of that person? Name that person here and tell them why they make your life better 💗.

Happy Valentines Day to you from me,
Luisa 💇‍♀️💗

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays since I moved to this country, I love that there is an specific day that everyone stops everything we are doing and take a few days to be present and enjoy time with our loved ones. Not to mention the delicious food!! But seriously, it’s time a time to reflect and be grateful for what we have. I’m so thankful for my incredible family, my incondicional friends, my supportive clients, and the opportunities that I’ve received.

1. I am thankful for the clients that text me cute things before their appointments.
2. I am thankful for the clients that drive far to see me
3. I am thankful because they trust me their hair so I can do what I love and learn more.
4. I am thankful for the Starbucks and Peet’s that’s are near the salon. I don’t think I can’t make it without them.
4. I am thankful for comfy shoes 👠.
5. I am thankful for hard co-workers
6. I am thankful for a supportive fiancé and his family.
7. Most importantly I am thankful for elastic waistband 😅🫶.

Overall I am very thankful for the food and the bad so I can appreciate the good days better. Wish you a great time with you family.

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Ash hair color👱‍♀️ for my beautiful client. Scroll to the right to see the before. Took us a few hours to have this outcome but it was worth the time. I am so thankful 🥲 for my client that drove 50min to come see me, got me a coffee to make sure I had something in my belly while I did her hair, be patience for 6 hours and most importantly TRUST the process… THANK YOU 🫶!


Coffee in one hand, Confidence in the other.

Happy Friday!

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"Blow out before you go out :)"
Looking for an easy way to treat yourself for the holidays but don't want to make a big change to your hair. I recommend a BLOWOUT, it's an easy gift to give yourself, a friend or a family member.

Model: .robertsonn
Location 📍:


Hope you have a great start of your weekend. Please remember is not only about the hair, the makeup… we are more than that and if we are okay from inside out everyone around us will be better.

Have a great day!

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Honey almond 🍯 🥜🥜

Honey is a good way to add a some dimension to brunette hair and highlighted the features on the face.


Keep going, I know that feeling that you just feel like it is never going to end and you feel far from the goal, I have feel that way myself, when things are pilling up and you have million things to do.

What works for me is to make a list of things to do and scratch them out and it is a great feeling.

So just keep going, keep pushing I bet the feeling of accomplishment will be great and it will be worth it.

What is the goal you are working for right now?

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Hey tú, si tú la que se está quedando a dormir con la bata por que sabes que vas a tener que levantarte en un ratito para ir a darle de mamar a tu bebé, si tú la que no quiere estar estresada para que no se le corte la leche, tú la que dejó de comprarse sus productos favoritos de belleza para comprarle los zapatos nuevos a tu hij@, tú la que ahora no te queda la ropa 🧥 y tú cuerpo cambio por crear vida, tú la que ahora dejaste de tomar cafeína (tu bebida favorita) por que en tu 🤰no te caía bien, tú la que estás cansada pero tenes que ir a trabajar al otro día. No creo que un día sea suficiente para ti, por que lo que tú haces no tiene precio. Cuando te digo que te admiro es por que lo veo y no se como eres capaz de lo imposible.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, grannies, great grannies, step moms, foster moms.
Thinking of you: Mother’s to have lost children 💐, those who have lost their mother 💐& those with difficult relationships with their children’s or mothers. I know it’s hard and their is not a manual so just keep doing the best you can. You guys are priceless.

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I got some exciting news 🗞 to share with you 😃😃 along with a long story behind it but if you want the short version:
I am happy to announce that I am now a Social Media Ambassador for I can’t wait to see where this path takes all of us but I can assure you, we are just going forward ☝️✈️!
Long story: a few months ago my apprenticeship teacher told us that we needed to create an Instagram account so we can get to more ppl, we could get models, ppl could see our work and evolution but at first I refused (not to her) but to myself I was in denial I kept postponing it in fact I was the last one to opened my page, to be honest I was SCARED 😖 afraid of the “what if they don’t like it?”, what am I going to post?, what ppl going to think about me?,.. it is sad but it happens to all of us right? We all let our fears to take the control of our dreams. One day I decided to go for it and give it a try and since that day I have enjoy everything, it is my little piece of world 🌍 where I get to dream, be creative, to share and connect with ppl like you that likes the same things than me 🤪!

So the TAKE AWAY from this is: STOP 🛑 WORRYING TO MUCH, stop worrying for the tomorrow, live the present, live the TODAY, stop worrying for something that hasn’t even happen, TRY FIRST and don’t ever let being afraid to stop you from your dreams. Do what you CAN with what you HAVE! Do you have a dream? What is it? Have you ever been afraid of doing something then you finally do it and then you wonder why did I waited so long for this? It wasn’t that bad after all huh? 😹😎😘

thank you for pushing us to do more and be more every day! Thanks for all! @ Eclips Salon


Happy Valentine’s Day! 💛👊

Hope you enjoy every minute with your love ones (family,friends, pets) anyone in your life that makes your life better!
Tell them why they are so important for you and make them feel special on their day! Anyone deserves a little bit of love. In a world 🌍 of everything choose to be kind.🎵 choose by .makeup92


Happy Friday...We did it👏👏!
Comment 👍 if you like it, save it 📌, share it 📤 with a friend that will like it & follow me for more hair tutorials .stylist
Also can you please leave a your favorite song 🎵 it was pretty hard to find the right one.
Fun fact 👁 this is one of my favorite 🎵it makes me feel good immediately. Have a nice weekend 🚁


And it Went like🎵😅👩🌪👩‍🦱Leave a comment and let me know what type of reels you would like me to create 😬💖💫.
Also leave a 💛 if you like it! Share it/comment/save it 🤓!


A very relax and easy hairdo.. to stay at home and do some grocery shopping 🛒 I also like that if you get chance you can also make it look 👀 casual. Leave a 💛 if you 👍 it!


👋 Lo prometido es deuda así que aquí les dejo un peinado súper súper simple pero bonito, si mañana quieres algo diferente pero si son como yo que me encanta verme bien en el menor tiempo posible y sin matarme, esta es una opción súper práctica! Las quiero mucho y espero les guste que lo hice con mucho amor 🧡!

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Meet NEAL, he’s the perfect example of a Morning person, he likes to be the first appointment of the day, always on time or best to say always 15min earlier, always with his unmissable Starbucks in hands, he has everything squared away and planned. As soon as he arrives he is making everyone happier. Always telling me jokes, he trusts, I laughed, we make a good team and help each other. I make sure he leaves with a nice fresh haircut and I stay with a better & positive attitude for the rest of the day.

Tell me in the comments if you know someone like Neal; share this post with that person that’s is just like NEAL.

Book your appointment w/me link on my Bio.
*Thank you Neal for being U ⚡️💫

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Today is not about me. Today is about her

This is Lynn and she is my client ever since I started this journey she is also my American family 💖. She has had her stylist for 25 years (yes 25!) at the beginning I didn’t want to asked her to be my be my client because I didn’t want to ask and get the uncomfortable NO thank you. Little did I know she asked me to do her blowout, then her roots and now her highlights 😀✨😀🥳.
I remembered when she will came back from doing her hair and I would asked her Do you like your hair? She would answered something like “yeah... I wanted something different but my stylist changed it” and I do understand the stylist sometimes we cannot do all what our clients want because is not healthy for their hair but we can meet in the middle and explain them the reason why we cannot do it before doing it. I believe that the reason why she lets me do her hair is because she can TRUST me. If I don’t know how to do something I am very very straight forward and I let her know if I think I can do it or not YET. She knows that when she is on my chair 🪑 she is my number 1 PRIORITY and that I will do my BEST of my knowledge to make her feel & look good.

-Trust is the number one ☝️ priority in any relationship.

- Thank you Lynn for trusting me 💛💫.

-I would love to see your comments and thoughts on this. Did you felt related? Had that happened to you before? Let me know! Leave a 👍 or a 💛 if you liked it.

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Men’s haircut 💇. This is one of my first men’s haircuts 💇 my client has very light hair in the front in the front and a lot of hair in the back and asked to match the sides and the back with the front and keeping the top length- happy client, happy stylists 😃✨💫

Now you can bring your boyfriend. Kids. Husband. Dads anyone who wants to hair a men’s haircut 💇 you can book 💛

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-“Taking CARE OF YOUR SKIN is more important than covering it up”.
To get the glow we are looking for Is not just about the make up it is about the skin care!! Would you like to know more about skin care routines?
Leave your comments below I would like to know how do you feel about it and what are you interested to know?

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Happy Valentine’s Day! 💛👊#hairdoideas #hairbyluisa Hope you enjoy every minute with your love ones (family,friends, pets...
Happy Friday...We did it👏👏!..Comment 👍 if you like it, save it 📌, share it 📤 with a friend that will like it & follow me...
Happy Friday...We did it👏👏!..Comment 👍 if you like it, save it 📌, share it 📤 with a friend that will like it & follow me...
And it Went like🎵😅👩🌪👩‍🦱Leave a comment and let me know what type of reels you would like me to create 😬💖💫.Also leave a 💛...
A very relax and easy hairdo.. to stay at home and do some grocery shopping 🛒 I also like that if you get chance you can...
👋 Lo prometido es deuda así que aquí les dejo un peinado súper súper simple pero bonito, si mañana quieres algo dif...
Happy Valentine’s Day! 💛👊#hairdoideas #hairbyluisa Hope you enjoy every minute with your love ones (family,friends, pets...




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